The Woodcraft Shop

The Woodcraft Shop

23 Bridge Street Richmond

 Tasmania Australia

Est 1984

Australia’ oldest bridge built in 1823




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A unique collection of tableware in a variety of exotic timbers. All pieces are beautifully handcrafted in Huon Pine, Blackwood, Sassafras  Myrtle or all in the form of laminates.

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Hard carved bread knives Huon Pine Cheese Boards Laminated Lazy Susan, Tasmanian Timbers Pepper and Salt Shakers Salt Shaker in Huon Pine Laminated Salt and Pepper grinders
Grinders, available in huon pine, sassafras,blackwood and myrtle. Sassafras lazy susan Laminated lazy susan Myrtle burl lazy susan Blackwood lazy susan Eucalypt Burl lazy susan
Huon Pine lazy susan Placemats in Huon pine, blackwood and myrtle Chopsticks in Huon pine, blackwood and myrtle Sushi Boards, all timbers Sugar bowls Various candles in all Tasmanian timbers



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